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 Lace it tight! (Profile for Lulenic, Mistress of Laces)

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Lulenic Mistress of Laces
Poison Peddler

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PostSubject: Lace it tight! (Profile for Lulenic, Mistress of Laces)   Thu Dec 03, 2009 2:10 pm

Name: Lulenic Kietas Lyubov
Alias: Lulenic, Mistress of Laces
Gender: Female
Age: 17
ID Number/Cell Number: 0137

Place of birth: Minsk, Belarus
Heritage: Mostly Belarusian, with smaller amounts of Russian, Lithuanian, Italian, and English
Asylum Army Alliance: Aprella's Destructive Dolls- Leader of the Wicked Ragdoll Poison Squad
Ulorin Vex's Fetish Assassins- Head Mistress of Handcuffs
Vecona's Seamstress Navy- Stitched Sergeant of the Laced Regime

Appearance: The patient has naturally pitch black hair, with added purple and teal highlights. Her eyes are pale grey. She seems to be in good health, other than the extreme scarring and slight ribcage suppression (due to her habit of wearing corsets a bit too tightly). Attempts have been made to remove the ribbon from her skin, but due to the scar tissue and how deeply it is embeded in her skin, it has been rendered impossible. Her skin is extremely pale, almost as if she avoided sunlight at all costs, but it suits her well. Her features are delicate, but she has quite a bit of strength, as the orderlies now know.
Height: 5’ 4”

Personal History: Lulenic was born in Minsk, Belarus but moved to the USA when she was 7, so her accent isn’t too hard to understand, but it’s still there. Her parents always knew she was special, but they had no idea. As a child, Lulenic always had separation problems and refused to go to preschool at first. She was very attatched to her parents. When she was 13, her mother and father were brutally murdered in their home. Lulenic was hidden so she wasn’t harmed, but she watched it all happen. It is suspected by multiple sources that this is what caused the already partially unstable girl to snap. She wouldn’t testify at the murderer’s trial. In fact, she didn’t speak at all for a while afterwards. Without her eye-witness account, the murderer was not convicted. Due to her extreme sorrow, she began to cut herself. When that wasn't enough, she attempted suicide by overdose on the Lithium that she was prescribed for her melancholia dementia. She was unsuccessful in this attempt however, and it only left her with an extreme sense of apathy with ocassional bouts of depression and manic states. She hated what had happened, and the results of this attempt on her own life disuaded her from trying again. But she still got depressed a lot, and it got so extreme at one point that she would make extremely deep slices and then sew them edges back together, creating a ragdoll appearance. At age 15, she hunted down the man responsible for her parents' murders and strangled him with an extra set of laces from her favorite corset. She left no evidence and couldn't be convicted. However, upon court examination, she was found certifiably insane and sent to a correctional facility. She was transferred multiple times, but a string of murders always followed where she went. Due to the lack of physical evidence, there was nothing the authorities could do except to send her to another place on the grounds that she was “insubordinate”. All in all, she committed at least 25 murders. Eventually she ended up here, at the Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls. Lulenic has found a rather nice home here, and while she continues to have problems with her impulses, she is behaving much better.

Reason committed: Extreme apathy mixed with ocassional bouts of depressed or manic states, murderous desires and impulses, acute schizophrenia, acute paranoia, extreme autophobia, and insomnia
Personality: She is generally pleasant and very charming, however this is a façade used to hide her murderous side. She is extremely calm while killing. She is apathetic towards most things, unless you offend her. In which case, you may want to have your personal security increased. She is very intelligent and enjoys philosophy and poetry. She spends the majority of her time on these things.
Odd Habits or Obsessions: Lulenic tends to enjoy bondage. She claims that she ties people up because she’s afraid that they will leave her all alone just like her parents did if she doesn’t force them to stay. However, it should be dually noted that she also enjoys the submissive role in these types of relationships. She also has a strangulation problem, and she enjoys strangling those who anger her with corset laces and, occasionally, ribbon. She also likes knives, but only uses them as a second choice. She likes escaping, so be careful. Regardless of the fact that she voluntarily returns every time, she usually murders someone while on her “vacation,” as she calls it.
Warnings to the staff: Do not allow Lulenic to be in possession of any sharp objects, particularly knives. Avoid handing her anything that could be utilized in an escape attempt. Watch what you say around her, she has a very good memory.

Desired Position: Resident Asylum Philosopher and Poet
Any Special Notes: ((Interesting facts: “Kietas” means “tough” in Lithuanian, and the name “Lyubov” is Russian, stemming from the Slavic word “lub” meaning “love”. So essentially, her name means “tough love.” I decided to make her of Belarusian decent because when I was done profiling her, her violent nature reminded me of the character Belarus in the anime Axis Powers Hetalia, and if you caught that reference then you are awesome.))

"Why yes I am suffering, thank you for asking!"

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PostSubject: Re: Lace it tight! (Profile for Lulenic, Mistress of Laces)   Thu Dec 03, 2009 2:29 pm

Wonderful! You're accepted! I love you
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Lace it tight! (Profile for Lulenic, Mistress of Laces)
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