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 Profile Skeleton

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PostSubject: Profile Skeleton   Wed Dec 02, 2009 12:16 pm

Here it is! Please fill out as much as possible.

Name: (This is the character's actual name, first and last {and middle if you want})
Alias: (This is the character's "asylum" name, like Lady Aprella or The Blessed Contessa)
Gender: (Obvious question is obvious)
Age: (pretty straight-foward)
ID Number/Cell Number: (your character's cell number and their patient ID number, 4 digits please)

Place of birth: (anywhere in the world)
Heritage: (English? Irish? Russian? Japanese? Etc.)
Asylum Army Alliance: (any alliances and positions you hold in the Asylum Army {see this post for a list})

Appearance: (At least 5 sentances, if you please. Eye color, hair color, etc. Pictures would be fabulous, but are obviously not required)
Height: (whatever)
Weight: (optional, you don't have to answer this one)

Personal history: (a good size paragraph about their past; did they move? have they been kicked out of other asylums or schools? did a specific event contribute to their mental instability? etc.)

Reason committed: (medical diagnosis and other things)
Personality: (just in general)
Odd Habits or Obssessions: (exactly what it says)
Warnings to the staff: (special care instructions, things they should not be given, etc.)

Desired Position: (job/title your character wants)
Any Special Notes: (anything else you need or want us to know)

For an example, please visit my character's profile here. If you have a question or suggestion, post it in a reply here please.
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Profile Skeleton
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