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 Forum Rules [Please read, love]

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PostSubject: Forum Rules [Please read, love]   Wed Dec 02, 2009 11:37 am

These are the general rules for the forum. Not the most exciting tp read, but I would like to avoid problems.

Verbal Warnings

These are from mods, for a a violation against the rules. This does not mean however that it should be ignored, as repeat offenses will lead to official action being taken. Usually a verbal warning will take the form of a staff member's reply to the violating post, or a private message.

Anyone replying to a verbal warning other than the person receiving it, even if they are posting in agreement with the warning, will have their warn meter increased. Vigilantism on the forums is prohibited, and it just isn't cool to begin with.

If the member receiving the verbal warning replies to it, then they will be leaving themselves open to further action being taken against them for flaming, so don't do it unless there has genuinely been a misunderstanding.

Any questions regarding verbal warnings given to members can be directed privately via PM to a staff member, preferably the one who originally dealt with the problem.


General Post Guidlines

When making a new topic, the title should reflect what the thread is about.

Spelling and grammar do not need to be perfect, but it helps if your posts are legible to other members. This is not a chat room, nor is it the AOL Instant Messenger.

Whilst not completely prohibited swearing and curse words are not encouraged. All members are expected to act maturely and use their judgement when swearing in posts. Remember that some of the members on the forum are young teenagers, and that certain language is inappropriate. Repeated swearing, or any swearing directed maliciously at another member is prohibited.

Posting Innapropriate or Offensive Images


Posting images that contain realistic violence, gore, or sexual content is not allowed. Text within the image must also not exceed the forum rules regarding foul language.

When posting an image that is over 600 pixels wide or tall, please post an off-site link rather than the actual image. If the purpose of the thread is specifically to display images, you may post images larger than this provided that there is a warning in the topic's title.


Spam (or Stupid, Pointless and Annoying Messages) are posts that are pointless or irrelevant, and do not contribute to the topic or forums (in the case of spam topics). These include repeating the same post over and over, or creating a topic about a subject that already has an active topic elsewhere on the forum. Spam topics will be closed.


Mini-modding is anybody without moderator powers telling somebody that they have broken the rules. If somebody is breaking the rules, merely tell one of the mods, with a link to the offending post/topic. Replying to somebody just to say "no double posting" or "no spamming" or anything of the sort is not allowed. Mini-modding multiple times after you have been told to stop can result in a warn.


Necroposting is posting an irrelevant or non-contributary message in a dead thread. A dead thread is one that has not had any activity in two weeks or more. Posting in these threads is only allowed if you have something important to say.

Trolling and Flaming

Flaming is when a member posts something that is insulting and/or hostile to another member. Trolling is posting generally inflammatory, rude, off-topic or otherwise offensive messages in a thread in order to annoy other members. Neither of these are allowed on any part of the forum. Also do not encourage this kind of behaviour from other members - do not feed the troll. If you are debating a topic and have a point to get across, do so in a calm, mature manner.

Flaming and trolling are two of the most serious transgressions on the forums, and will be dealt with by staff members swiftly and harshly. You have been warned.

Illegal Post Content

Do not post or post links to any illegal or copyrighted material (unless you can prove that you own the copyright). This includes but is not limited to ROMs, warez, ISOs, porn, and MP3s. Linking to other sites with these materials, as well as asking for others to do so, is prohibited. Whilst ROM patches and console emulators are not illegal and may be posted, bear in mind that many websites that offer these also have illegal game ROMs, and posting a link to them will be punished.

Posting anything of a pornographic nature will result in an instant ban.


Links posted to advertise a site or product are not allowed. If you want to advertise a not-for-profit website in your signature you can do so, but it must only be a non-enhanced (enhanced meaning bold, italic, large sized or coloured) text link. Advertising to sell a product or service is completely unallowed.

Using the PM system to advertise is prohibited too.

Sexual Harrassment

Sexually harassing members either on the forums or via the PM system is completely unacceptable, and will result in an immediate ban. If you are being harassed or stalked by another member, report this to a staff member via a PM, providing proof.
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Forum Rules [Please read, love]
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