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 Arrival at the Asylum...

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PostSubject: Arrival at the Asylum...   Sat Feb 27, 2010 7:45 pm

Name: Shadow Night
Alias: Broken Shadow
Gender: Female
Age: 16
ID Number/Cell Number: 5074

Place of birth: England
Heritage: English
Asylum Army Alliance:

Appearance: Shadow has shoulder length black-red curly hair with a fringe that covers both her eyes. She has piercing green eyes that stand out in her pale face. She has a nice slim figure. She is never seen with our her white fluffy rabbit: March.
Height: 5'7''

Personal history: Shadow had always lived in a beautiful countryside town and had a very good life. All that was turned up side down when her single mother met a 'nice' man who abused Shadow and raped her. She was eight years old. Her mum never knew and in two years they were married, had a little girl and moved to Spain. Shadow was ripped away from her family and friends and she had never felt so lonely. She was ten years old. Her step dad continued to abuse her and her mother continued to be clueless, by the time she was thirteen, The adults had had enough of Spain and decided to move back to England, but not before Shadow turned insane. When they arrived in England Shadow managed to keep hold of herself when she eventually snapped and went on a killing spree, murdering her step dad, her sister and her aunty. Her mum felt gulty and commited suicide just after she had told Shadow she hated her for ruining her life. She hears voices in her head which tell her to do things she shouldn't and they make up par of her insanity.
Two months later Shadow was in The Asylum for the Criminally Insane. The asylum nurses later realized about her split personality and had to move her to another asylum for they couldn't cope with her. They sent her to The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls. She hasn't been that happy since she was seven.

Reason committed: Bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, multiple personality disorder.
Personality: Due to her Split Personality she can either be very sweet or very manipulative. She tries to stay on the nice side. On the 'nice' sie she's warm, bubbly, ind and sweet and he 'dark' side she's evil, manipulative, suicidal and threatening.
Odd Habits or Obssessions: Talking to herself (she's convinced i's The Voices), tea and cupcake obssession (cant get enough tea Very Happy)
Warnings to the staff: Dont give her anything sharp, dont let her be alone with any other patient while in 'dark' mode, keep watch on her because mental breakdowns are very likely.

Desired Position: She wants to be known as Broken Shadow
Any Special Notes: She's very suicidal when se's on her dark side.

Yes I am suffering, thanks for asking (is that what I'm supposed to put? Sorry I forgot what the sentance is)
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PostSubject: Re: Arrival at the Asylum...   Sun Feb 28, 2010 3:15 pm

It's close enough, love. And you're accepted! Feel free to start an RP thread, join one, and/or visit the introduction page to say hello to everyone Smile

This is your Headmistress from Hell wishing you a fabulous day in the asylum. I love you
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Arrival at the Asylum...
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