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 The Voodoo Priest - Sir Victor Voodoo

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PostSubject: The Voodoo Priest - Sir Victor Voodoo   Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:11 am

Name: Victor
Alias: Sir Victor Voodoo
Gender: Male
Age: 21
ID Number/Cell Number: #0144

Place of birth: Unknown, assumed to be the slums of London
Heritage: Gypsy(politically correct term would be the Rom-people, but yeah.), English, possibly some Caribbean - but this heritage doesn't exactly show itself in his appearances.
Asylum Army Alliance: --

Appearance: Sir Victor Voodoo is a rather effeminate-looking young man, and he sports dark brown, curly hair that goes to his shoulders, and frighteningly green eyes. His outfit consists of a dark-green coat that is quite ragged, a white-shirt and a vest with brocade-patterns in green and gold. His pants are pantalons, and with these he wears black stockings. His shoe-wear of choice are a pair of mid-calf black boots - they're quite dirty, but he refuses to clean them.
Height: 1,74 cm
Weight: (optional, you don't have to answer this one)

Personal history: Not much is known about Victor's past, other than the things he has occasionally said. Abandoned when he was a mere one-year old, he grew up in a circus which had picked him up. They had found him on the doorstep of an old church - no one in sight - and in the basket they found him in they also found a letter written in capital letters stating that the child was from the slums of London. Taking him with them, Victor was mostly raised by Madame Drina, the circus' fortune-teller. Learning bits and bobs of the mysterious and occult from his adoptive mother, he travelled alone to the Caribbean islands as a fifteen-year old, as a stoveaway on a ship. What exactly happened after he made it to Isla Pantano, but looking at his alias and his abilities and interests, it is safe to assume that he learned quite a bit of magic, or voodoo, if you will. At the age of eighteen, he traveled back to England, but was discovered by the crew, who deemed him to be insane. They thus brought him to the Asylum, and he has been there ever since.

Reason committed: Deemed insane by the crew which discovered him as a stoveaway on their ship - according to them, he was speaking in tongues and would occasionally "clear up" only to start spouting utter nonsense.
Personality: Victor is quite mysterious - he doesn't talk much, but when he does he shows a very determined character, and knows exactly what he wants. If people ask him for favours, or more often - things from his collection - he will ask for something that he reckons of equal value in return.
Odd Habits or Obssessions: Has an obsession with trading things with equal value. Often these values make no sense to other, but alas, he will have a fit if they try to make him think otherwise.
Warnings to the staff: Do not, under any circumstance, provoke him by either a)taking things from his collection/attempt to, b)insult his collection or c)both. These will trigger him to show his far more violent side, as he does not tolerate these situations.

Desired Position: Voodoo Priest and Resident Fortune-Teller of the Asylum
Any Special Notes: Victor states that his reason for not being in any of the alliances is that he wishes to offer guidance to anyone and everyone.

Why yes I am suffering, thank you for asking! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The Voodoo Priest - Sir Victor Voodoo   Tue Jan 05, 2010 8:59 pm

Wonderful, Victor! You are hereby accepted. Welcome to the Asylum! Feel free to jump into any RP threads or start a new one.
~Headmistress from Hell

This is your Headmistress from Hell wishing you a fabulous day in the asylum. I love you
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The Voodoo Priest - Sir Victor Voodoo
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