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 Silent but Deadly

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Rising Opheliac

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PostSubject: Re: Silent but Deadly   Sat Jan 16, 2010 4:49 pm

((alright. and sorry for the delay. Just started up classes again. Mad ))

As nightfall came it cast a dark shadow over the asylum. The halls were dark with no one in sight, save for the occasional screeching of inmates and other things wandering the halls. Carefully opening the door, Brittania stuck her head out; eyes quickly searching left and right for any sign of life. "Nothing yet so far...." she whispered, turning slightly to the others.

She also slipped out a small vial from a hidden pocket in her kimono. "A parting gift of sorts from my dear stepbrother. One drop of this will knock out someone cold for hours." she didn't mention the fact that he had tried to use it on her, before she managed to disarm and nearly maim him. He always did have a fascination with poison and drugs. She had already covered her blades with a thin layer beforehand, so that even the tiniest scratch would send on to dreamland for awhile.
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Lulenic Mistress of Laces
Poison Peddler

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PostSubject: Re: Silent but Deadly   Sun Jan 17, 2010 11:01 pm

Lulenic listened carefully and didn't hear anything either.

~"It seems clear enough, da? Shall we proceed ladies?"

Then she heard Brittania mention the poison.

~"Ah! Good idea, dorogoy. We may need that."

She smiled and looked into the hall once more.
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Silent but Deadly
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